Wednesday, February 17, 2010

He's a teenager!!

I can't believe it! We've got a teen in the house now! My little 9lbs 13oz chunky monkey is now a big, strong, handsome 13 year old. Where has time gone? I'm not ready to let him grow.
Seems like yesterday he was running around the house with a binkie and blankie permanently attached. I'm not ready to let him grow.

He is almost as tall as me now. He wears a size 10 men's shoe. His smile still warms my heart just like it was his first. He is kind and has such a gentle spirit. He is thoughtful and is such a deep thinker. He has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. His laugh is contagious. I'm not ready to let him grow.

He still doesn't love to try new things and has yet to outgrow the picky eater stereo-type that our pediatrician assured us he'd outgrow. Although cheese and bread aren't the only food groups he'll eat now, so it has improved. He likes tradition. He is artistic. He loves computers. He is a writer and writes amazing poetry. I'm not ready to let him grow.

He is a protector of his sisters and while he tries to hide it, we know in the little things he does that he loves them greatly. He is a reader. He will choose a book over TV and get lost in a book for hours. He is an athlete and really enjoys playing basketball. He doesn't hate playing football. He loves PlayStation 3. He loves music. I'm not ready to let him grow.

Life is simple. Life is complicated. He's thirteen and I'm not ready to let him grow. But he is growing up. We are so very blessed to watch him grow and love who he is becoming!!