Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pool Party

After Kaelyn's game we headed to the pool for an end of the season celebration. The weather was PERFECT for swimming! It took forever for us to get the girls out of the pool.


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More Spring Soccer




Kaelyn sure has some great footwork and speed. She is really coming along in the soccer world. It is so much fun to watch her out there on the field.
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Spring Soccer!

Spring Soccer officially ended yesterday. Kaelyn does have one more game next weekend, but it isn't an official league game. We really enjoyed soccer this season and are sad its over.



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Bryn got a chance to play up for this last game. So she played with a U9 team and had a blast. The field is bigger, and there are a few more girls on the field. Bryn fit right in and even had a few attempts at the goal. I think she'll do just fine next season. Kyle has already committed to coaching again. haha.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My husband is a poet. Who knew? I woke up this morning to a stellar breakfast with a card Kyle had made. Inside the card was a poem he had written (I got his permission to share):
To my beautiful wife
With whom I share the most wonderful life.
Who showers my family love,
The purest kind granted by God from above.
Tis you who binds our family together
No matter the storm, I know we will weather.
For richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, 
We've done them all, now lets try for wealth. 
God has blessed me beyond measure
At such a young age He gave me such a treasure.
The woman of my dreams to marry 
And the children she would carry. 
My life is filled with such joy,
When I see you, two girls and a (soon 2) boy. 
I see that there has been a richer man never, 
That you complete me now more than ever. 
I must stop now, before my eyes become wet, 
You have waited to long for a new bedding set. 
Love always and forever, 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Making time for RnR...

Why is it time for some RnR you ask? Well i'm recovering from a surgery that went extremely well and I'm so glad I had it done. Its been a long time coming and I am going to be even better than before once i'm all recovered. I'm actually excited for that. I didn't realize the recovery would be so hard...doc said i'd be tired, but I was planning on being the exception to that "rule". Uh, nope. I tire soooo easily, its nuts. Not being able to drive and get out of the house is hard. I'm going a little stir crazy. I did find this poem that made me laugh, so I thought i'd share...
You did your job 
Through puberty
Through childbirth 
And recovery

You held my babies
Safe and sound
And stretched yourself
All big and round

But now my friend
Your job is through
I find myself not 
Needing you 

Don’t need the pain
The aching back
The periods that are
Out of whack

And so my friend
Its time you know
You and your fibroids
Have to go 

The doctor is going to 
Put me to sleep 
And you’re one of the parts
I just can’t keep

Goodbye, old friend
You served me well
Before you started to
Ache and swell

I’ll remember you 
On the anniversary
Of the day I had
My hysterectomy

I’ll brush a tear
From my cheek
As I remember the days
When you didn’t leak

And as I live a 
Pain-free life
I’ll toast the doctor
And his knife! 

by JudeD