Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Which TV Mom are you?

Take this test!
You are Marge from The Simpsons. You may not share Marge's blue bouffant, but you do share her animated style of mothering. Sometimes the pressures of maintaining a happy home may push you toward the edge, but at the end of the day, you believe in your children wholeheartedly, even when they're being rather, um, spirited.

You encourage your kids' creativity and individuality, whether that means watching them perform the saxophone or helping them raise exotic lizards. You may sometimes say things that sound like old-fashioned parenting clich├ęs, but when it comes down to dealing with domestic disasters, you can be a pretty together, modern mama.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

13 years ago we committed our lives together. We were totally in love for all of eternity. Plus a day. But that day we became one flesh. We haven't always been so perfect, but through the years that one flesh has become such a tight bond. There is no tearing it apart. We've worn away the rough edges, so that now our differences compliment each other and our similarities make life sweeter. Sure every once in awhile we may find a splinter, but they are fewer and fewer. You are my friend, my partner, my spiritual leader, my hero, my protector, my warm shoulder, my love. You are mine, and I am forever yours. I love you so much. Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brynee's Baptism

One Lord, one faith, one baptism;
Eph 4:5

We are so proud of you Bryn. You made this choice all by yourself, the choice to be obedient to the Lord and profess your faith in Jesus Christ. It was such a special day. We asked our good friend Rod to baptize her, he did a wonderful job. It was a joyous day for all. Our baby has been baptized. *sniff, sniff* Oh my thats hard to swallow. My. Baby. ack!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Soccer Saturday!

So our soccer Saturday started a little earlier than expected with a phone call from Kaelyn's coach asking if Bryn could play up on his U8 team. (Bryn plays U7 and Kaelyn plays U9) I asked Bryn if she was up for it...she was excited to play with the older girls, and a little nervous. haha. So we had to be out there by 10:30am...after that game Bryn went straight to her regular game, then we stayed and watched Haley play and lastly Kaelyn's game at 3:30. Yep, for those math challenged people it was 6 hours on the soccer fields for us today! Thats 6 hours in some record setting heat of May 2008. Actually I'm not sure if Salem broke any records today, but it was in the 90's. It was hot. I actually enjoyed not being so freaking cold while watching soccer. It was nice. Okay so maybe I got a sunburn, and yes i've been a complaining baby about it the rest of the day....and tomorrow will be worse i'm sure. And before anyone tells on me, no I didn't put sun block on. Well Kyle sprayed me down with banana boat 50 but I think it was probably 3hrs to late. haha! Typically I burn right away and then it turns into a nice base tan and i'm good to go the rest of summer. But I guess I should of been thinking that I also don't typically sit in the sun for 6 hours. My shoulders and arms are are the tops of my feet, my forehead, and these little strips above my knees (i think these hurt most). Ouch! I was good about keeping the kids covered in sunblock, but guess I missed a pretty big area on Garret's forearm. Its so red. Yikes!
The girls played well, they were both pretty hot and tired. The heat has a way of zapping the energy out of you. Kaelyn tried to stay cool and find shade where she could to conserve her energy for her game. I asked her to take some trash to the garbage can at one point and she said she couldn't waste her energy on that. Oh my. Yes, she did do it anyway. haha. Bryn did well with the older girls, she played a little more aggressive than usual and didn't once ask to come out of the game. Then in her own game she scored 3 goals! First of the season, to bad there is only one game left...she looked like she finally was getting into to it today! By the time Kaelyn finally played she was complaining of being hot and that her feet hurt. She played well, but not as intense as she normally plays. You could see it in all the girls, they were just done. They were happy with a tie in the end.
After soaking up more sun than I think should be soaked in a day we decided to chill in a dark movie theater and took the kids to see Prince Caspian. It was sooooo good! We all enjoyed it, and it did feel nice to be out of the sun.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

1st Grade Musical

Bryn was so excited that it was finally the day to perform the 1st grade musical. She's been practicing for the last month and a half in choir, at home, in the car..we were glad too. haha. She had a small speaking part that she memorized..."Music is the universal language of mankind-Christopher North Scottish Author. " She did great, it was short 30 minute program that was very well put together. The choir teacher does such a great job, to get 100 first graders to be still and pay attention is no easy task!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. ~Graycie Harmon

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you for all you are, and all you've helped me to become!

Had a great Mother's Day today. Relaxing. After a busy week, thats just what I needed. We first surprised our Mom with breakfast this morning, reminiscent of days when Bree and I would make Mom breakfast in bed. We thought it would be a fun little surprise. And it was! So we took over some breakfast and Starbucks. Yum! After that we went to Church, I worked in coffee 2nd service. Grabbed some lunch and went to visit Kyle's Mom, but she wasn't home. So we came home and just chilled the rest of the day. Played on the computer, did some cartwheels in the front yard with the girls (seriously), watched a movie...(watching Survivor right now, but I cheated and looked online to see who won already). Kyle folded some laundry, made dinner, picked up the house...awesome! So sweet. They got me The Host for Mother's Day so I have a new book to read, and I'm very excited about that.

"There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one."
-Jill Churchill