Monday, June 22, 2009

Where can I find one of these?

Man, I wish money tree's really existed! haha! Sure would help us move along quickly with the adoption. If we could just gather up enough to start the home study then we'd be well on our way! I know there are so many grants and loans out there, but we can't apply for a single one without the approved home study. Can't get started on the home study without raising approximately $4000. So we are stuck here until we can get find some funds, a lot of funds. What we do know is we are not giving up! God has a plan for our family, and we know without a doubt it is to bring home a sweet baby boy to join our family from Ethiopia. We just thought this would come together easier and faster. We are hoping to plan a rummage type sale in July, so if you have anything you'd like to donate we'd be thrilled to add it to the sale. We just have to get creative with this raising money, so if anyone has some suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So every year we say that we plan on camping "a lot" during the summer...and every year without fail we are lucky to go ONCE. It is sort of a running joke with our friends. haha! So now that we've done our one trip for the summer, we actually do hope we have several others this summer. We had a great time Memorial Day weekend camping at Detroit Lake! It was very fun! I didn't bring my camera out as much as I should have...but Bree had her camera and she got some great shots of the kids fishing with Grandpa. Bryn and Garret caught their first fish I think. Kaelyn couldn't handle the fishing and came back and sat with Grandma and I. She is very sensitive and was so concerned for the fish. I can assure you no fish were harmed, they were all tossed back. haha. Here are just a few pics from the weekend.