Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday...what does it mean?

What is Lent and why don't we as Baptists celebrate it? Well from my internet research it seems some Baptists have begun to recognize Lent more and more. And from my limited understanding of Lent and what it means, I think I can benefit from this recognition of Lent. 40 days. Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days before he bore our sin so that we might one day live with Him. I think that obviously me giving up something for 40 days is small and insignificant compared to the sacrifice Jesus made for us. However, if it helps me to daily remember that I am a sinner and that I didn't deserve what Jesus did for me...then that can only help me become stronger in my faith. It can only help my relationship with Christ grow. I like that. So this year I've decided to give up something that at times I feel I can't live without. Sugar. I am going to avoid all things sugar. I think I am also going to add to my 40 days with daily prayer journaling. Lent is not a fad. Lent is not the "in" thing. Lent seems to me to be a very personal journey. A walk that will deepen my relationship and strengthen my faith. 40 days to reflect and repent before our celebration of His resurrection Easter Sunday. I would love to hear others opinions regarding Lent, so please share!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Garret celebrated his 12th Birthday on the 13th! Wow, I can't believe he's 12. Our last year before the dreaded "teen" years. haha! Although we are not anticipating them to be that bad. Garret is a such a great kid! We are so blessed to have him as our son. He's a funny, caring, genuine boy. Life is very black and white for Garret. Its wrong or right and he doesn't like gray areas much. He is not a rule breaker and he does not like others breaking the rules. He has a strong faith in God and it is very evident in his life. He is not afraid to tell others about Jesus. After much prayer we moved him to Salem Academy for 6th grade and he is thriving there. He enjoys school I think as much as a 6th grade boy can. He is a smart boy and sometimes can just get by with his smarts, if he would push himself a bit he'll for sure be a straight A student. He'll get there, he's just figuring things out still. He really enjoys basketball and watching him on the court warms my heart. He didn't play football this year, rested his ankle from a bad sprain during spring soccer. So maybe we'll see him on the football field in the fall. He is still my same baby boy that loves all things cheese and bread. I sometimes think he forgets there are other food groups. We've still got to work on expanding his food interests. Our Pediatrician told us when he was little not to stress over the fact that he was so picky because he would grow out of it...well we are still waiting. haha! He enjoys playing computer games and listening to music. But more than anything he has this love for reading that Kyle and I are just in awe of. He devours books. He loves fantasy type books most. Someday he says he would like to write a book. I think he will. Above all he is our wonderful son and we are so proud of him. We love you Garret! Happy birthday!
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Kaelyn's day...

So Kaelyn is feeling pretty good today! She got a new haircut. She actually told Tonya she wanted it just to the top of her shoulders, but I motioned to Tonya to go a little lower. haha. It is adorable on her. She got about 6 inches cut-off! I think it makes her look a bit older, which she LOVES. She can't stop running her hands through it right now. And I'm hoping with it being a little shorter it won't get into the nasty tangles in the back. We'll see. And also today Kaelyn's cell phone came fedex. She's been bugging for one for awhile and we've put it off. But lately there has been a few times that a cell phone would have been nice for her to have. So we decided that she might be ready for the responsibility. She's been on cloud 9 all day! Pretty fun. 
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