Monday, February 16, 2009

Kaelyn's day...

So Kaelyn is feeling pretty good today! She got a new haircut. She actually told Tonya she wanted it just to the top of her shoulders, but I motioned to Tonya to go a little lower. haha. It is adorable on her. She got about 6 inches cut-off! I think it makes her look a bit older, which she LOVES. She can't stop running her hands through it right now. And I'm hoping with it being a little shorter it won't get into the nasty tangles in the back. We'll see. And also today Kaelyn's cell phone came fedex. She's been bugging for one for awhile and we've put it off. But lately there has been a few times that a cell phone would have been nice for her to have. So we decided that she might be ready for the responsibility. She's been on cloud 9 all day! Pretty fun. 
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