Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lola. Lola. Lola.

Yes, she has a face only a mother could love. Well, i'm not her mother. What's with the tongue you ask? It's to big to fit in her mouth. Thats what we've decided, because it is always sticking out. Cute you say? Uh, you get over it. She has decided her new calling is that of an escape artist. I preferred the old calling, that of a speed bump on the couch. Much easier to live with. She has figured out every way to get out of the backyard imaginable. And when I block all her holes with bricks, lawn chairs, table, bench weights, and even used a shovel. She still manages somehow. I think I should set up a video camera to watch this dog in action, maybe I could turn it into a funny video show. I had four bricks blocking one small hole in the gate and she managed to push them out of the way, didn't matter what direction I stacked them. Didn't matter if the bricks were in front of the hole or behind the hole, she still got her fat body through the hole. (Which that in itself is something I've got to see) She is certainly not a petite pug, she is a porky pug. Putting her on a diet does no good when she sneaks in and eats the cat food...oh and she also intimates Lucy with a growl and steals her food too. Guess she needs all the food to give her super power energy strength so she can find new holes to squeeze her fat booty through in the backyard. Since we live next to a park she gets out and runs around a bit and then always comes to the front door and scratches to come in. Or some stranger brings her to the front door, "is this your dog?" I told Kyle one of these days she's gonna push me to my limit and i'll reply, "nope, never seen that dog before in my life". They'd bring her back though i'm pretty sure as soon as they heard the loud roaring snore that comes out of her porky pug body.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Love me some Sonic!

So our little Salem town is growing up...we got a Sonic! (Now if we could just get an In and Out Burger!) Sonic opened Thursday, and since I guess the place has been crazy busy. Insanely long lines, and waits to get a burger and fries. Guess thats what happens when something new hits town. Well we've only been teased with Sonic commercials on cable stations forever around here, always wondering what the heck the Sonic craze was all about! So after Church today we decided to take the kids to Sonic. My parents went Friday night and Mom said it was about a 30 min. wait to get through the drive-thru. I prepared Kyle for this ahead of time because I knew he wouldn't be thrilled. But he still wanted to go. Well we lucked out and waited less than 10 minutes for a stall to open. It took us longer to all decide what we wanted! haha! The kids enjoyed the experience, watching for the lady on rollerblades to bring us our food. Kyle and I enjoyed the diet cherry limeades! Yum! After we took the kids and saw Nim's Island. Super cute family movie! We all enjoyed it!

I came home and entered my calories for the sonic burger without mayo and fries...and cried. hehe. Just kidding. No seriously.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Class field trip!

Today I got to go with Bryn's class to the zoo. Nothing better than a bus full of energetic first graders. Oh my head hurts still! Shortly after the buses left the school we made a u-turn and headed back. Guess a little first grader on the first bus threw up already, we hadn't even made it to the freeway. Yikes. I was stressed, seriously I can't handle barf. Thankfully nobody on our bus got sick! PHEW! I was paired with another Mom when we got there and together we had 5 girls to keep track of. We only had 2 hours to try and see the whole zoo, so we sprinted from exhibit to exhibit. I figured power walking around the zoo was a decent work-out. Only one little girl was difficult to keep track of, she thought it was funny to hide from us. Not funny. It was cold, but not raining so that was a bonus. All in all it was a great day. I'm so glad Bryn wants me around and as long as she'll have me i'll be there. So here are a few pics of the day...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

'SC Flamingoes

As promised here is a quick pic of our USC flamingoes...we wanted to make sure this flock was properly educated on the best team to support! These aren't dumb birds, they don't like those stupid bruins. We are giving the family that "flocked" us a copy of this picture...since they happen to be bruin people (they just don't know any better, so we feel sorry for them).

Saturday, April 12, 2008


We woke up to a flock of flamingoes in our yard! At some point last night they landed in our yard, they must of heard it was going to be warm today. haha!

I'm surprised someone was able to sneak them in our yard last night, we were up late with our windows and front door open, watching TV and surfing the internet. I saw the motion light come on a few times, but the cat makes that go on so I didn't even think it would be anyone else. haha! And Lucy never barked! Well when I went to lock up last night, I found the note on our door, so we took a few pics last night but the kids were so excited to see them in the yard this morning! We knew right away who had sent them to our house because of the ugly bruin bear on the back of the note. hehe.

This is a fundraiser for the 5th graders at the school, so its for a good cause. We will happily have the flock removed, and pay to have them land at another unsuspecting house.

But these are smart flamingoes and they know a real sports team when they see one, so it took no time at all to make them 'SC fans! (I will post a few pics of the new and improved USC flamingoes tonight!)

Blog'n in the SUNshine!

Yep! I said SUN! Today is the warmest day we've had so far this year. It's awesome! Its supposed to hit at least 75 today, right now my temp says 70. The girls are in their swimsuits playing in the front yard with Mt. Toki Soki. I'm sitting on the deck watching Kyle dig a hole. Soaking up the sun. Ahhh, feels so nice. We had soccer this morning, Garret didn't play. He hurt his ankle Wednesday and isn't back to 100% yet. So he sat out today. Bryn was fever free this morning so we let her play, she had a great game and her team won. Bryn even scored a goal! And Kaelyn is back to being healthy so she got to play today too! Kaelyn's team beat the green team today. It was so exciting, last season this was the only team that we couldn't beat. Kaelyn loves soccer and it is so fun to watch her on the field. She is like the energizer bunny when it comes to running.

So here are some pics....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Soccer season begins!

So this year all 3 kids have decided to play soccer. No baseball/softball crazy schedules for us. All our games on Saturday and all the practices on Tues/Thurs! Which does make things a little less hectic. Although one big downfall is in soccer you play rain or shine, ugh! So of course today it rained. Brrrr! It was chilly! Garret had a double header today and Bryn had her game in between Garret's 2 games. So that worked out nicely. Kaelyn didn't get to play today, she woke up with a fever. Poor girl, she's never sick.

She was pretty upset not getting to play. Her team missed her too. Garret's team won both their games and Garret did great as a middle defender. He looks pretty good out there! I'm told Bryn rocked at goalie today! I was taking Kaelyn to the doctor and missed Bryn's game. Here are some pictures to share though!