Sunday, April 20, 2008

Love me some Sonic!

So our little Salem town is growing up...we got a Sonic! (Now if we could just get an In and Out Burger!) Sonic opened Thursday, and since I guess the place has been crazy busy. Insanely long lines, and waits to get a burger and fries. Guess thats what happens when something new hits town. Well we've only been teased with Sonic commercials on cable stations forever around here, always wondering what the heck the Sonic craze was all about! So after Church today we decided to take the kids to Sonic. My parents went Friday night and Mom said it was about a 30 min. wait to get through the drive-thru. I prepared Kyle for this ahead of time because I knew he wouldn't be thrilled. But he still wanted to go. Well we lucked out and waited less than 10 minutes for a stall to open. It took us longer to all decide what we wanted! haha! The kids enjoyed the experience, watching for the lady on rollerblades to bring us our food. Kyle and I enjoyed the diet cherry limeades! Yum! After we took the kids and saw Nim's Island. Super cute family movie! We all enjoyed it!

I came home and entered my calories for the sonic burger without mayo and fries...and cried. hehe. Just kidding. No seriously.

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Heidi said...

Don't forget they have happy hour. I love their diet coke with lime.