Saturday, April 12, 2008


We woke up to a flock of flamingoes in our yard! At some point last night they landed in our yard, they must of heard it was going to be warm today. haha!

I'm surprised someone was able to sneak them in our yard last night, we were up late with our windows and front door open, watching TV and surfing the internet. I saw the motion light come on a few times, but the cat makes that go on so I didn't even think it would be anyone else. haha! And Lucy never barked! Well when I went to lock up last night, I found the note on our door, so we took a few pics last night but the kids were so excited to see them in the yard this morning! We knew right away who had sent them to our house because of the ugly bruin bear on the back of the note. hehe.

This is a fundraiser for the 5th graders at the school, so its for a good cause. We will happily have the flock removed, and pay to have them land at another unsuspecting house.

But these are smart flamingoes and they know a real sports team when they see one, so it took no time at all to make them 'SC fans! (I will post a few pics of the new and improved USC flamingoes tonight!)


Rochelle said...

That is a great fundraiser!!! I love it. I cannot believe that Garret is going to MS next year! WOW...time goes fast.

Char said...

What a fun idea! Love the blog!