Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blog'n in the SUNshine!

Yep! I said SUN! Today is the warmest day we've had so far this year. It's awesome! Its supposed to hit at least 75 today, right now my temp says 70. The girls are in their swimsuits playing in the front yard with Mt. Toki Soki. I'm sitting on the deck watching Kyle dig a hole. Soaking up the sun. Ahhh, feels so nice. We had soccer this morning, Garret didn't play. He hurt his ankle Wednesday and isn't back to 100% yet. So he sat out today. Bryn was fever free this morning so we let her play, she had a great game and her team won. Bryn even scored a goal! And Kaelyn is back to being healthy so she got to play today too! Kaelyn's team beat the green team today. It was so exciting, last season this was the only team that we couldn't beat. Kaelyn loves soccer and it is so fun to watch her on the field. She is like the energizer bunny when it comes to running.

So here are some pics....

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buhtafly said...

Great shots! It was beautiful for soccer huh!? I love Kaelyns expression...even such a big smile while going after the ball! I wonder what the other girls think..haha :)