Saturday, April 5, 2008

Soccer season begins!

So this year all 3 kids have decided to play soccer. No baseball/softball crazy schedules for us. All our games on Saturday and all the practices on Tues/Thurs! Which does make things a little less hectic. Although one big downfall is in soccer you play rain or shine, ugh! So of course today it rained. Brrrr! It was chilly! Garret had a double header today and Bryn had her game in between Garret's 2 games. So that worked out nicely. Kaelyn didn't get to play today, she woke up with a fever. Poor girl, she's never sick.

She was pretty upset not getting to play. Her team missed her too. Garret's team won both their games and Garret did great as a middle defender. He looks pretty good out there! I'm told Bryn rocked at goalie today! I was taking Kaelyn to the doctor and missed Bryn's game. Here are some pictures to share though!

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