Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday...what does it mean?

What is Lent and why don't we as Baptists celebrate it? Well from my internet research it seems some Baptists have begun to recognize Lent more and more. And from my limited understanding of Lent and what it means, I think I can benefit from this recognition of Lent. 40 days. Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days before he bore our sin so that we might one day live with Him. I think that obviously me giving up something for 40 days is small and insignificant compared to the sacrifice Jesus made for us. However, if it helps me to daily remember that I am a sinner and that I didn't deserve what Jesus did for me...then that can only help me become stronger in my faith. It can only help my relationship with Christ grow. I like that. So this year I've decided to give up something that at times I feel I can't live without. Sugar. I am going to avoid all things sugar. I think I am also going to add to my 40 days with daily prayer journaling. Lent is not a fad. Lent is not the "in" thing. Lent seems to me to be a very personal journey. A walk that will deepen my relationship and strengthen my faith. 40 days to reflect and repent before our celebration of His resurrection Easter Sunday. I would love to hear others opinions regarding Lent, so please share!


Jayna said...

Good luck! Lent is not a part of our religion either but last year Dad and I decided to do it and we gave up sugar as well. It was harder than I thought and we weren't 100% perfect but it was worth it.

Rochelle said...

what a great journey to take. i do believe that it is important for us to remember what God gave up for us. Let me know how it goes. i would like to say i will join you on that sugar journey, but with sick kids...sugar is my friend.