Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Which TV Mom are you?

Take this test!
You are Marge from The Simpsons. You may not share Marge's blue bouffant, but you do share her animated style of mothering. Sometimes the pressures of maintaining a happy home may push you toward the edge, but at the end of the day, you believe in your children wholeheartedly, even when they're being rather, um, spirited.

You encourage your kids' creativity and individuality, whether that means watching them perform the saxophone or helping them raise exotic lizards. You may sometimes say things that sound like old-fashioned parenting clich├ęs, but when it comes down to dealing with domestic disasters, you can be a pretty together, modern mama.


Heidi said...

I'm Marge too! That's funny.

Skydazzler said...

I was a Marge...must run in the family!:-)

Char said...

Fun quiz! I added it to my blog too! I was Claire Huxtable.