Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friday Re-cap

Well I was wrong about last night, there wasn't any fighting, arguing or complaining! Never once did I hear "i'm bored". haha! The kids had a great time! They fed some geese that were down by the river, they liked ritz crackers and vanilla wafers. Then when they'd given them all that, the kids gave them left over pizza crust. Garret took some good pictures of the babies, i'll have to get those shots from him to share. Garret finished another book he was reading at the parade, so he brought a new book with him to Springfield and read like 100 pages or something crazy like that. I'm so glad he enjoys reading! The girls just entertained themselves, playing catch, musical chairs, and general goofing around. The fireworks started right around 10pm and then we went over and helped with clean-up while the kids watched Ratatouille in the car. We made pretty good time with clean-up and were on our way to Denny's before midnight! A new record maybe? Everyone looks forward to the Denny's tradition, even Bryn who fell asleep on the way didn't mind being woken up to have a yummy midnight snack or was it an early breakfast? haha! Speaking of Bryn...we think maybe this year was the first year she didn't fall asleep during the fireworks! Marley and her were sharing a chair and chatting the whole time, so Bryn got to see a show from start to finish! It was a great show! Lots of oooohs and ahhhs from the crowd!
We went to the Monmouth/Independence parade earlier in the day and the kids enjoyed scrambling for all the candy that was thrown their way! I enjoyed the Dutch Bros coffee that we sat in front of! Yum! Bree took some pics of the parade, so i'll have to get those from her to share! Last year it was super hot, so we made sure and came prepared for the heat with extra water bottles, sunscreen, etc. But this year it was much cooler, and we should of brought sweatshirts! brrrr! haha!


His.Beloved. said...

I enjoyed hanging out with all of you for the day...even though i was unsocial most of the time...i at least enjoyed lighting and watching the fireworks!!

Shyla said...

Looks like you had fun. I wish we could have come to see the firework show. They aren't that exciting out here! Maybe next year.

Laura said...

Cute pictures of the kids! Sounds like you all had a fun day too. We had a fun day here. Do wish we could of been together to celebrate the 4th. It is so fun when we are all together. :-)
Love ya

His.Beloved. said...

hey and by the way i completly agree that we must go out for my birthday and maybe yours...thanks for the wishes! xoxo