Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm melting!

Ok, not really. But it is H.O.T outside! We are all camping out in our bedroom right now, because we have a small air conditioning unit in the window. It's 107 outside right now and the little air conditioning unit is having a hard time keeping up I think. But my bedroom is 78 degrees, better than the 86 degrees it is in the kitchen right now. haha! I do mostly enjoy the heat, so I won't complain much. We have a place to retreat from it...if I didn't have the window air conditioners though I might be singing a different song.


Bree said...

Thankgoodness for the ac window unit! I would be content if the house was cooler. Being outside in it isn't horrible- quickly going from one ac place to another is fine. The heat outside I don't mind too much, Its the sitting in the house that's 91 I don't care for. haha

Do you have room for all of us in your bedroom?? :) hehe

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