Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sorry I've been MIA...

Yes, I'm still here...just haven't been active in the blog world, I blame it on the time-sucking facebook. But I do want to continue to document our life, our adoption journey, and all the craziness that comes along with our 3 great kids! So I will try and do better.

First the much anticipated adoption update...we got our home-study packet in the mail yesterday! Yeah!!! After our successful garage sale and a few amazing donations to our cause we were able to have enough money to start the home-study or be under contract...not quite enough money to do both. So we've chosen to move ahead with the home-study. After a completed home-study we will be able to apply for grants and assistance to keep moving forward. We are truly blessed with great family and friends who keep us going. It seems, financially speaking, that we just get one roadblock after another...such is life. But we still absolutely know that we are on the path God has placed us and we will forge ahead. Just moving at more of a stroll on this path rather than the sprint we'd like to be. haha! Eventually we WILL be bringing home another Ramsay!

Kids all went back to school last week. Garret started a new school for 7th grade. Unfortunately, along with our financial roadblocks came the cut of his Christian private school. He has been great about it, handling it with so much maturity and grace. He misses his school, but totally understands. So he started at the public middle school, that is a block from our house, last week. He has so many friends there, so that has helped with the transition. He likes all his teachers and is excited about a few of his classes. So far, so good. Kaelyn and Brynlee both got the teachers they were hoping for and have many friends in their class with them, so they are thrilled!

Soccer, Soccer, Cheerleading and football are in full swing now too. So we are busy and still trying to figure out the new routine. We'll get into a grove soon though and all will be well. haha!

I'll post few pics from first day of school and sports this past weekend in my next post, its easier to upload pics that way!

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