Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Football fun!





Garret is the #78 this year. #78 has a great deal of tradition in the Ramsay family, it was worn at one time or another by all the Ramsay men (I think). So it was fun that this year Garret got to be #78. Garret has so many mannerisms that are exactly like his father, especially when it comes to football. It was so funny, 2 weeks ago Grandma Ramsay came to a game and she kept seeing the #78 and the likeness between Garret and Kyle made her keep yelling, "go Kyle!" Garret is trying to find his own way as far as football goes, which is great. He thinks he might really enjoy playing center and is learning that new position. It will certainly be fun to watch Garret come into his own and take on the world. We know he can do anything he puts his mind to. Right now he wants to work for NASA as a scientist and is thinking he might want to continue playing football as a means to get a college scholarship. We love the way his mind works, he is amazing!
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