Saturday, December 26, 2009

How did this happen....she's 11!

Seriously don't blink...because if you do you will one day wake up and your beautiful baby girl will be a beautiful "pre-teen" 11 year old! I'm going to stop blinking. It feels like just yesterday we brought her home on a snowy Christmas Eve bundled up in a large red stocking. To say "they grow so fast" just doesn't do this justice. Kaelyn is such a delight and brightens the world around her. She loves singing and playing her flute. She wants to be an actress or a professional soccer player. She is always surprising us with her giving nature and kind, gentle spirit. She thinks of the little things, where others might not. She likes to keep the peace between her siblings. She is quick to make sacrifices so others will be happy. She is a good friend and a good listener. She is always willing to try new food, scary rides, she's always ready to give it a go. She is a joy and we are so very thankful to God for allowing us to be her parents!