Friday, August 8, 2008

So much to post! So little time!

Ok, so i'm so far behind...we've been doing so much lately! I want to post it all, but that will have to wait until this weekend when things slow down a bit. Our Chinese students leave today, there will be many tears. We've had such a great time getting to know and love them all. I'll post much more about our experiences, fun, and Brynee boo's birthday! But there was one small exchange yesterday in the car between Bryn and I that I just have to document!!

It was just her and I...Garret was with a friend for the afternoon and same with Kaelyn. We were driving home and she was quite upset about not being off somewhere with a friend too, you know life isn't fair! She protested, "I hate being a single child!" Translation, I want to be off at a friends house playing, not stuck home alone. Anyway, as funny as that was it wasn't that part that was the best. She was quiet in the backseat for half the ride home then out of nowhere:

Bryn: "Mom I don't want to get married."
Me: "why not?"
Bryn: "Do I have to get married?"
Me: "No, but you have to be married to have kids."
Bryn: "I don't want to have any kids either then."
Me: "Why not?"
Bryn: "I want to have a job instead. I want to work when I grow up."
Me: "Really, what job do you want?"
Bryn: "I want to work at Petco!"
Me: "Well you can do that while you are in high school, or even college"
Bryn: "No Mom I want to work there for a very long time!"

Good to have goals I guess. Petco? haha!


His.Beloved. said...
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His.Beloved. said...

this could be my favorite Ramsay story so far!! Partially because i can imagine her saying it, and partially because its just plain awesome!!

Heidi said...

LOL! What a character.

Kimmy said...

Hehe. Kids are funny.

Teresa said...

That is a quality goal and it will only take a few days working to know that she wants to have kids and stay home and enjoy them! HAHAHA :)

Rochelle said...

who wouldn't want to work in a pet store? haha. maybe she can just enter lola in the xms dress up contest that they have??? bryn would make an original costume, i am sure!