Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We miss Mars & Kelly!

Our students left on Friday the 8th. There were many tears from all of us. It was so sad to say goodbye. Kaelyn kept asking Kelly, as she was quietly sobbing in the car, if she wanted to stay. She just kept shaking her head yes. So when we get to the Church where the bus was meeting them Kaelyn says while crying, "Ok Kelly you stay here with us, Mars can go home to China". haha.

I was surprised for the tears. Kelly was always so quiet, and not confident enough in her English to try speaking to us much. So I was never really sure if she was doing alright and enjoying her time with us. I'd ask her, and she would just smile and nod. But I didn't think she fully understood what I was asking most of the time. haha. She and the girls did bond pretty quickly and wherever they were Kelly was for the most part. And now the girls really miss her.

Mars was quite a loud character. He was certainly full of life and worked hard at it enjoying it to the fullest. He loved food even more than Garret, and we never thought that possible. His feet would hit the floor in the morning and he was not only "starving" but he was very concerned about what was for lunch and dinner that day. Aside from hotdogs, I don't think I ever made a meal he "loved". His response while eating dinner was always the same, "I do not like".....and we'd tell him to not eat it then and he'd reply, "I do not like...but I eat". Sometimes even eating seconds! haha!

I know Mars did enjoy his time with us! He has this deep belly laugh that was infectious. He would attempt to wrestle with Kyle and get laughing and then we'd all be laughing. And even though we had some challenging moments with Mars he was a blessing to our home for 3 short weeks.

Our house was so quiet when we returned home from dropping them off. Titan was out to greet us, he spent the past 3 weeks hiding from Mars. Mars chased him around the house wanting to "hit him" whenever he'd come out of hiding. We had the remind the kids that yelling wasn't necessary in the house, since the noise decibel was so loud around here for 3 weeks they just got used to being loud.

We had so much fun with them, visiting the capitol, hiking at silver creek falls, floating down the creek at the farm, picking berries, art festival, walking around downtown Portland, olympic games in the park, visiting the fire station, photo scavenger hunt, swimming at the pool, and lots of shopping! Our 3 weeks were jammed packed full of fun outings and adventures and we are so thankful for our time together!

Bryn picked up some Chinese and now is ready to learn the language! Joyce, one of the teachers with the students, told me that her accent is very good and she spoke very well. When I'd attempt to speak Chinese it was usually followed by many giggles from the students. So i'm pretty sure I wasn't saying it even close!

Not really knowing much about the Chinese culture or its people, this really opened our eyes to an area of the world we may not of otherwise been interested in. But now Kyle and I are ready to plan a trip to China! Although my reason would be to learn more about the history, people and bring home a baby! haha! Not sure if Kyle is on board with that plan though! hehe! He'll come around!


Heidi said...

I'm so glad you guys got to have such a fun experience. I remember being threatened with our lives by mom and dad to quit fighting so much.
Kyle came around about a kitten, why not a little chinese baby. LOL!

Rochelle said...

i am glad that u survived and can look back with some good memories. i am glad that your food budget will go back down too. ha ha.

Char said...

What a great experience!! Glad the kids had so much fun. Hey, I tagged you! Check my blog!