Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You know you're a Twilight freak when...

1. You have a twilight tee shirt. (check)

2. You jump up and scream when you catch sight of a shiny silver Volvo.

3. You want to find a meadow in the middle of the woods and just lay there forever.

4. If someone is very warm, you assume that they're a werewolf.

5. If someone trips (falls, slides down a flight of stairs, etc.) you use the term "Pulling a Bella".

6. You beg your friends that haven't read it to read it.....daily.

7. You have trouble grasping the fact that Edward Cullen IS a fictional character.

8. You compare the characters to your friends.

9. When you hear thunder, you think of the Cullens playing baseball.

10. The majority of your Bumper Stickers and Flair on Facebook have something to do with Twilight and/or Edward Cullen.

11. You dump glitter on your boyfriend/husband so you can at least pretend he's Edward. (Thats a great idea)

12. You really do think you can hear Edward in your head.

13. You are constantly saying "You wouldn't get it--it's a Twilight thing" to the non-readers.

14. Your friends always ask you "Is that a good book?" and you drop the book and stare at them like they just said it wasn't.

15. You are planning on moving to Forks, WA someday.

16. Every time you hear the name "Edward" you think of Edward Cullen.

17. Your heart nearly stopped when you found out the movies coming out 11.21.08 instead of 12.12.08

18. You finished each book in less than 4 hours and didn’t put the book down once.

19. Whenever someone says, “Hey, you wanna go shopping?” you automatically think of Alice.

20. The name Victoria sends chills down your body.

21. Twilight is your favorite time of the day.

22. You look at your doctor and think, “Carlisle’s better.”

23. You think Dracula is a phony.

24. You have imagined yourself as one of the Cullens and or Bella.

25. You have recently wondered what your blood might smell like.

26. You go into Victoria’s Secret and half expect to see a certain red headed vampire standing there.

27. Your favorite color is blue.

28. You think your friend is delusional. Because you know that Edward is YOURS.

29. When rainy weather makes you think of Forks and it makes you happy.

30. You have proposed locking the kids in a closet so you can go see the Twilight movie.

31. Nov-21, Twilight, or Mom's birthday? I SAY TWILIGHT!

32. You wanna cut and style your best friends hair, so she can be like ALICE!

33. You re-read twilight throughout the day because its more interesting than real life.

34. When you're stressed you threaten to curl into a ball and wait for your Edward.

35. You're reading these and sighing because you know you do all of them.

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Rochelle said...

amen! r u going this thursday? have not heard, r u guys all in? come on u only live once, who cares if u are dog tired the next day u can nap! ha ha.