Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Kaelyn!

I really wanted to get this posted earlier, but better late than never! Kaelyn celebrated her 10th Birthday on December 23rd. Yikes! 10! We had a friend party for her early in December so friends who travel for the holidays can come. She had 17 girls come to her party and we made scarfs first and then got our hot chocolate travel cups and went caroling. I made each girl a song book and we walked the Keizer lights route singing. Most of the girls had never gone caroling before and everyone really enjoyed it...first we were knocking on the doors of each house and asking if we can sing for them. But as we kept walking it became easier to just sing and see if anyone came out of the house to see us. It was cold, but not raining until we were halfway once the freezing rain started we decided to head (run) home. I was lame and didn't bring my camera outside with us, and I actually didn't take a group picture either (ugh) but here are a few pictures from that party anyway....So then we had a family party for Kaelyn on her actual birthday! Here are a few pics from that night...
It is so hard to believe that my middle child is 10..double digits. My sweet baby that came home Christmas eve 10 years the snow! She is such an easy girl, which surprises some since she was kind of a difficult baby. But Kaelyn is a pleaser, always making sure everyone around her is happy. She is a giver, would gladly give all her possessions to others if we'd let her. She loves Jesus with all her heart and is so mindful of God's presence in her life. She loves all animals and hurts for animals in need. She is sensitive. Not only can her feelings be easily hurt, but she truly cares about the feelings of those around. Discipline is very simple with her because she is so much harder on herself than we could be on her. She has Kyle wrapped around her finger...her big beautiful blue eyes well up with tears and Kyle is done. She is blonde. haha! Kaelyn can be a little spacey, some will laugh when I say "a little". She will set something down and 5 minutes later be wandering around looking for it. She prefers her room to be unorganized, to her its perfect when everything is laying on the floor. I think she prefers the chaos and clutter. She is goofy and likes to giggle. Her laugh is infectous. She is motherly and likes to look after her younger cousins...but remember the spacey thing, we are close by to monitor. haha! She is athletic. She is a soccer star and is always working to become better. It is such a joy to watch her play soccer, she can run and run and we aren't sure yet if she gets tired. Above all she is Kaelyn, she is wonderfully made by our Creator and we adore every second with her. We love you Kaelyn! Love, Mom & Dad

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Rochelle said...

i see webkinz are still happening at your house too!! lol. sounds like she had an excellent bday. i love that you guys went caroling too. that is so fun.