Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brynlee finally loses some teeth!

She's waited soooo long to finally lose a tooth. For some reason her two bottom baby teeth just wouldn't come out on their own! Her two adult teeth have already come in behind them. So the dentist pulled out the baby teeth today. She was a trooper, and she's super excited to finally have teeth to put under her pillow! Tooth fairy better not forget. haha!


Robin said...

haha Brynlee Rose, you look so darn cute! You should of lost those teeth a long time ago. Ugh. Tell me tomorrow how wonderful the toothfairy was to you! You've waited a long time and then had to have them pulled? That should be worth more.

Rochelle said...

i am thinking like 20 bucks from the tooth fairy should cover it!! lol. i always forget to put noah's money in his tooth bag, hope she left it out for the fairy to find.

buhtafly said...

ahhh look at that toothless smile! I mean- Now you can see her shark teeth!! ;) hehe Awesome! I am glad they are out, now here's to wiggling those tops!