Friday, March 14, 2008

Awana Games!

Awana Games was a blast this year! It was held at Corban College last Saturday. All our teams took home a first place award! I guess we've never done that before. We had one Sparks team, and 3 T&T teams. Pretty cool! My throat hurt so bad at the end of the day from yelling/ parents get pretty competitive in the stands! haha! Even though we sort of had to force Garret to participate, the kids had a great time! Brynlee has one more year of Sparks, so she's excited to do the Spark-a-Rama again. This was probably Garret's last year doing the T&T games, he'll move on to middle school next year. Even though he could compete as a 6th grader, we had a hard enough time getting him to do it this year. haha. But Kaelyn can't wait until next year's games!

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