Friday, March 7, 2008

College Road Trip

So the kids had no school today, after a trip to the gym I thought it would be fun to go see a movie. Garret was hoping for Spiderwick Chronicles. Bryn decided she had no interest in seeing that movie and she'd like to see College Road Trip. Kaelyn just wanted to SEE a movie. haha! So after a few phone calls to friends we compromised...Garret and 2 of his friends saw Spiderwick and all the girls saw Road Trip. It was a cute movie, the pig was pretty funny. Us Mom's got a little misty thinking about the day we leave our children at college. Yikes, thats crazy! Anyway it was a fun day out. The boys liked Spiderwick. Garret has read all the books and he said he'd rate the movie a 7.

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