Friday, March 28, 2008


So I haven't found (or shall I say made) time to a long time! I'm usually one to pick up a book, start reading it and then NEVER finish it. I've got lots of those kind of books laying around.
I have been told by several people recently that there is a book called Twilight that I should read. So I found it at Target and thought why not. I really figured that it would be like all the other books i've never finished. To my surprise, I LOVE it! Not only did I finish it in record time, i've now read the other two in the series (New Moon and Eclipse). I seriously read New Moon in a day and a half. Kyle was SHOCKED! I think he was secretly glad when I finished Eclipse, because things are back to normal and I don't have a book shoved in my face. I've got the countdown going until August 2nd for the 4th book to be released! I can't wait!
So if you have any "can't put it down" kind of books to recommend, I'd love to hear from ya!

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buhtafly said...

SO when do I get to read the first book???? I want to see if it holds my adult ADD.. :)