Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dance Recital

Today was Kaelyn and Bryn's dance recital. They've been working all year for this day. They were so excited to wear their costumes and of course MAKEUP! haha! It was a fun day! The girls did a great job! Here is a video I made, I am just learning how to use iMovie. Hopefully the file isn't to big.


Rochelle said...

so cute! you can tell that they worked really hard on their performances! i love the costumes and the makeup. haha.

Sanctification said...

Good job on the movie! I haven't figured out how to get them out like this yet. Plus, well, I didn't take any video either. I saw Kaelyn in the hallways before the performance, she was very serious and was practicing like she was an old pro. It's neat to see kids at her age really grow in their ability and their confidence.... Liz did a ballet routine right before the intermission; she was a snow princess. You might not have noticed because all the little four-year-olds looked the same with tight buns and lots of makeup.

Both your daughters did really well in the video. Pretty little things...