Monday, June 16, 2008

It wasn't THAT windy!

Kaelyn went in her room to get in her jammies tonight and came running out, "the tree, the tree, something is wrong with the tree!" Uh, yeah I'd say something is wrong! Half of it is in the street and cars can't get down the road. Kyle sawed it off when he got home from the movies with Garret (they went and saw The Hulk). Kyle thinks its going to have to come down, looks like it might be dead inside...giant BUMMER! I love that tree! We are thankful that nobody was standing under it, or climbing on it when it broke...also glad that there wasn't a car parked there this evening! Guess we'll get some firewood out of it.


Skydazzler said...

Poor tree. So sad. It was really pretty too. :-(

Kimmy said...

Holy Cow!