Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tentatively Titan

It's a boy! I've been wanting to get a kitten for sometime now...driving Kyle NUTS, stalking craigslist looking for the perfect kitten. No luck. To be fair, i've been super picky...and really more passively looking than anything. Don't tell Kyle that. haha. So when a friend called to tell me there were a few long-haired kittens waiting to be adopted of course I had to just go have a "look". Kyle knew I wouldn't just be "looking" but I wasn't really expecting it would be a kitten i've been looking for. To be honest, aside from the longer hair, he wasn't what I had been looking for at all. But there was just something about the little guy that caught my eye. The kids jumping up and down begging to take him home didn't help. haha. So we left and I went back alone to have another "look". Yep, confirmed...I wanted him. haha. He's fitting in nicely so far and providing us with tons of entertainment!


buhtafly said...

Very cute! I cant wait to meet him!!! (you have to keep stalking craigslist for me though for that blue eyed kitty we are looking for ;) )

Rochelle said...

he is adorable! glad that u added to your brood of animals. is he indoor or outdoor? do u still have rainbow and taebo?