Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Goodbye 5th Grade!

So its official, Garret is no longer in elementary school. Next year he moves on to middle school. Crazy! I can't believe how fast the time goes. I can still so vividly remember his first day of kindergarten...like it was yesterday! He clung to Kyle, hiding his head in Kyle's chest, begging us to not leave.
Garret makes us so proud. He is a smart and funny boy. He loves to read, geesh he can read a book faster than anyone I know! He says his favorite subject in school is science. He'd like to be an author someday and with his creative imagination I know he'd be successful! He loves penguins. He loves cheese. He enjoys playing football and basketball. It's such an amazing journey watching him grow and change and become the person God means for him to be.
A group of us 5th grade Mom's have been fundraising most of the year to raise money for the 5th grade celebration. We wanted to do it at Bullwinkles Family Fun Center, rather than in the school gym like years past. We reached our goal in May and so the celebration was on! We had it Monday, and the 5th graders had a BLAST! It was really fun...bumper boats, mini golf, batting cages, go carts, video games, laser tag, oh my! Left at 9am and got back to the school at 2;45pm. The teachers had just as much fun with the kids. I got to take a ton of pictures and then on the drive home put together a video slide show for all the parents to see.The school doesn't do a "graduation" but we had parents meet in the gym and called up kids to receive a certificate of achievement, watched the video I put together and then had some cake. We also had some t-shirts done up for all the 5th graders to wear and so the kids finished signing shirts with sharpies too. Garret had a great time, it was really fun for Kyle and I to go with them to Bullwinkles and see Garret enjoying himself with friends.


Shyla said...

I can't believe he will be in the 6th grade. He is growing up!

Rochelle said...

I cannot believe that he is going to middle school! sounds like they all had a blast. garret looks very happy.

Heidi said...

Congrats Garret! We need to get Marcus and Garret together again. I think they'd have a blast together. It's fun to watch them grow into such good people.