Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Saturday, 2 more soccer games.

What a great soccer weekend! The weather was awesome! I'll take soccer in the warm sunshine any day over what I know is in the wet, gray, cold weather. Bryn was up first and she was a trooper, she ran hard and did her best despite having a sore throat. Kaelyn's game was alot of fun. The girls all played so great together. Kaelyn scored her first goal of the season and was sooooo excited! It was pretty sweet!

It was extra exciting for the girls because we had a very special guest with us for their games. Paulo from Brazil was in town to visit supporting Churches and we got to bring him along to the games and visit with him for the whole day! Kaelyn and Brynlee both soooo wanted to score a goal while Paulo was watching. haha! I'm so sad I didn't get any pictures of Paulo to share, I don't know what I was thinking. haha! Paulo is a missionary in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Kyle and I have each been on 2 short term mission teams with our Church to Brazil to work with Paulo and Restoration Ministries. We love Paulo and his wife Ireni and the whole staff of Restoration Ministries. They all hold a special place in our hearts and God willing we hope to go back to Brazil with another mission team soon.

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