Sunday, September 7, 2008

Future Olympic Diver? I hope not.

Kaelyn really got into the Olympics, actually we all enjoyed watching it together. But Kaelyn has decided she wants to try diving now, that and beach volleyball. (Like I have a clue where she would go to learn how to dive!) haha! But I thought for sure she'd see the high dive and say never mind. Wrong, she watched some video of it online with me and she says, "oh that is soooo cool, I want to do that!" Crazy girl. That plan back-fired on me. So we watched quite a bit of the diving during the Olympics.

So when we had the cousin's visiting from CA we all went to the river. And guess what Kyle let Kaelyn do?!?! Here's the pic...I wish I had braved the raging rapids (I might be exaggerating a smidge, but it adds to the drama) to get a closer shot...NOT! I was freaked out enough from where I was at. Kyle assured me it was perfectly safe. Kaelyn had no fear at all, she'd climb up to the top of that rock and without any second thoughts she'd jump right off. So now she's wondering when her diving lessons will start. Uh??

Here are a few other shots from the day at the river...Bryn and her "no pictures please" attitude. She must be practicing for the paparazzi harassment. I think this was the only picture I got of her that day where she was looking at the camera, the rest she'd quickly turn her head. Booger. Garret enjoyed just floating down the river, oops I mean raging rapids. But still so relaxing!

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Teresa said...

I think that the willamette pool offers some kind of diving classes...not sure who it is actually offered by but I know they have a VERY high diving board that people used to practice after our swim team practices when I was little. Okay, so that may have been a few years ago, but you could start there!! You will be such a proud mom when you see your sweet little pumpkin winning Gold for the USA!!! :)