Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Look out world, Kaelyn's a 4th grader!

Oh my goodness, where did time go? I can still remember the first day of kindergarten for Kaelyn like it was yesterday. And here we are today dropping her off in the 4th grade. Yikes! She's growing up to fast. It's like i've blinked and she's no longer my little girl, she's pre-teenish now! We tortured her today with the camera. She pleaded with us to not take her picture and in protest she'd turn her head every time I tried. I got a few good pics of her simply by telling her if she'd just let me take a few good ones i'd stop.
From Backtoschool 9/3/08 10:38 AM
I'm sure she's going to tell me all about how embarrassing we were taking pictures of her in class, but hey we weren't the only parents doing it! She is super excited to have her teacher this year! He is the same teacher Garret had last year, and he's great. She wasn't so thrilled with where she was sitting this morning, I guess the person next to her is a well known nose picker. So she is hoping they don't have to stay in those seats long. Just a few short hours left in the day and then i'll go get them from school. Can't wait to hear how the day went for them all!
From Backtoschool 9/3/08 10:38 AM

From Backtoschool 9/3/08 10:38 AM


Skydazzler said...

Oh my Kaely-Bop. You make Grandma teary-eyed. I wasn't prepared for how grown up you look today. You are so beautiful and very stylish I might add! Love you sweet heart. Hope you had a great day!

Rochelle said...

love k's long, flowing hair! how beautiful. hope they all had great days and that she gets to move seats before too long. ha ha.

His.Beloved. said...

yes finally 4th grade...this was my favo year of school...and if you thought kae couldn't get anymore beautiful...well that just happened..shes looking more and more like her momma cute!!

Teresa said...

WOW she looks SOOO mature! Seriously, what on earth??? She looks so grown up. I love that she did not want to sit by the nose picker...ohh it brings back memories! :)