Monday, September 22, 2008

Wow...They CAN dance! 4 REAL!

So You Think You Can Dance Tour was last night! My sister and her hubby got me a ticket back in Aug, for my birthday and I've been so excited for the day to finally come! So last night the 4 of us headed up to Portland after a quick stop at Burgerville for a blackberry shake and sweet potato fries! YUM!

We have been big fans of the show since season 1. I've always wished we could go see them dance live on their tour, but for some reason or another we've never done it.

This season we especially enjoyed some of the amazing things Twitch, Joshua and Gev can do. Kyle isn't a fan of contemporary dance, but he will watch the popping and breaking. So last night we got to see some of the favorite performances of the season. It was pretty cool to see these dances live! I kept waiting for my favorite, Joshua and Katee dancing to No Air. And phew, it was the last performance before the finale. haha! Love that dance!

Joshua and Katee did the Bollywood dance too which was super cool!

Twitch and Katee did the awesome routine with the door to Mercy. It is a really fun dance to watch, its amazing what you can do with a prop.

They had some fun with Gev during the show, with some running jokes about his "love" for Courtney and he looked pretty good in a dress too. hehe! Chelsea and Mark did the dance to Bleeding Love, with the briefcase. I got chills from this dance.

All of them took a turn doing a solo too. Kat wasn't there, darn. Nigel got the show started but not in person, they used a big screen. haha. And Kyle was a bit worried that Mary and her "tamale train" would be there, but was super thankful she was not. haha! A drunk and some over-zealous Grandma's in front of us provided much entertainment as well. LOL!

Overall it was a lot of fun and I'm so happy we went! It was a fantastic night! Thanks a ton for the tickets Bree & Kyle!! Glad we all went!

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