Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer begins!

Soccer season officially kicked off today with Bryn's 8:30am game, followed by Kaelyn's 9:50 game.
The weather was great! Couldn't ask for more perfect soccer weather, and we'll enjoy it while we can because typically its wet, cold, and gray. Brynlee played with a new intensity. She actually ran, and never asked to come out of the game. And guess what? Wait for it... she scored! Seriously. Wahoo! She did awesome. They didn't win today, but I think with a little more direction they will be a great team.

Kaelyn's team actually was up against a U11 team, we didn't know that until after the game. Even though they lost, they played hard. Kaelyn loves soccer, and she's learning so much this year. Her footwork skills are improving greatly, can't wait to see where she is at the end of the season. She still has another game today, and 2 more tomorrow. So she'll have lots of time this season on the field to perfect her skills.

More Soccer pics!


Rochelle said...

so much fun. your girls have played for so long! i love it when you see improvement and their love of the game! and what a good took pix of the haley girl!!!

His.Beloved. said...

so cute! and my favorite part of these pictures is obviously the tard-ref in the background...haha:)